About Us


Riva Home was founded in 1973. We have built our reputation as leading home furnishings specialists over five decades, in partnership with many of the UK's most successful retailers. We’ve changed a lot since the early years, continually adapting to an ever-evolving market, but our spirit and passion for the industry remains the same as the day we began.


Our approach to product design and development is split across our key brands - each of which have an entirely different look and feel, and appeal to a different type of customer. We spend an equal amount of time developing each brand, and we’re confident we have ‘something for everyone’. Our brands include Paoletti, The Linen Yard, Evans Lichfield, Linen House, Wylder and furn.


Our product catalog comprises over 7,000 items across Bedding, Curtains, Cushions, Throws, Wallpaper, Home Fragrance, Mirrors and other home accessories. Each item falls under one of our brands, and has its own distinctive look and feel. We're also well known for our ability to design, manufacture and distribute 'private label' products on behalf of our retail partners.


All our products are designed by our extremely talented team of creatives and interiors experts based in our very own studio. Unique products are only created by unique people. Our artists and designers draw on their different backgrounds in woven textiles, screen printing, fashion and fine art to bring our brands and collections to life.


Those who’ve had the pleasure of welcoming our products into their home or workplace will see just how committed we are to ensuring every product demonstrates outstanding quality, and always delivers great value. We don’t cut corners. We don’t make sacrifices. We care about what we create, and that directly translates into the products and service we offer.


We’re overwhelmingly proud, and extremely fortunate, to be involved in such a prosperous and fast-moving industry. Our team works exceptionally hard each and every day to ensure we’re adopting the latest trends and continually leading the way in home furnishings.