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Website Update 13.04.15

Over the last few months we have been listening to our customers about their experience of the website and if there are any changes they would like to us to make.

Overall many customers seemed very happy with the site especially the ease to see new lines and to place their weekly orders - with the help of having the live stock balances to hand.

However there was one thing, multiple customers were facing an issue with... when scrolling through the 1,000s of products we have to offer and once clicking into a product of interest, they couldn't simply press the back button in the browser and return to the same point of the product listing page. This is because we had an auto loading feature, which means you don't have to press "next page" to view more products, it just automatically knows when you have reached the bottom of the page to load more product. However this became an issue as many internet browsers do not store where you were on the previous page once you clicked into a product of interest.

The eagle eyed amongst our customers would have noticed we have been trialling the new product listing page over the last week, and hope many of you like it and find it easier to browse. You can select how many products you would like to be viewed on a page from 60 to 260 items, and can also see the array of page numbers at the bottom of the page. Now when you click a product to see more and want to go back, you will be in exactly the same place on the listing page as where you clicked from.

Customer feedback is very important to us in order to keep developing our site and make it better for our users. If there is anything you feel we should know and look to improve, please email us at or give us a call on 0113 201 8800. Keep a look out over the next couple of weeks as we have another update nearly ready to launch.

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